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Tala Enterprises Ltd. was established in February 2004. The main purpose being to provide Engineering and Technical consultation in the Steel Fabrication Field.

However it soon became apparent that the steel fabrication industry in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia experiences peaks and valleys in its production schedules. This in turn results in extremely high prices during the peaks and below cost prices during the valleys.

Tala Enterprises Ltd. recognised the requirement for a more stable source of supply for fabricated steel parts.

Thus it went about establishing a network of suppliers and fabricators that it utilises when their prices are more stable and since 2007 as well as its consulting services it has offered the supply of fabricated steel parts.

Tala Enterprises is backed by over 30 years of experience in Design, Fabrication and installation. A brief outline of this is listed below.

  • 1 Year Machine shop experience at Holman Brothers Cornwall England.
  • 2 years production engineering and service at Rolls Royce Diesel Engines and Volvo Factories Truck division.
  • 5 years Supply, Fabrication, Installation of Oil Pumping Stations (Iran)
  • 4 Years Design, Manufacture and installation of prefabricated structures.
  • 10 years  Design, Installation and commissioning of Plumbing, HVAC, and Fire Protection Systems.
  • 5 years Design, Fabrication and marketing Fire Proofing Devices
  • Over 10 Years Design, Fabrication and installation of Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum parts as well as Start up, Commissioning and operating 3 Laser profiling concerns.
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