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Tala Projects of Note

11/07 to 06/09
Canada Line Yaletown Station
Davie and Mainland, Vancouver.

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Fabrication & Supply of Structural steel, Miscellaneous metals, railings and floor structures.

03/08 to 08/09
Canada Line Olympic Village Station
2nd and Ash, Vancouver.

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Fabrication & Supply of Structural steel, Miscellaneous metals, railings and floor structures.

Part of the Structural Steel included fabrication and supply of multi-curved Mono rail Hoist systems including the Embed galvanized mounting bases.

Tala Enterprises also Fabricated and Supplied the galvanized Frame and Grating covering the ventilation shafts.

02/08 to 04/09
Canada Line Broadway Station
Broadway & Cambie, Vancouver.

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Tala Enterprises supplied and installed the Sub-Structure for the Platforms at this station.

As well as the Fabrication and supply of substantial tonnage of Structural Steel in the form of various  frames, grates, hoist beams, Fabricated Structural Beams etc. A considerable amount of Miscellaneous metals in the form of Railings, Embed Plates, Tile Base Angles, Ladders etc.

08/08 to 08/09
Canada Line Cut & Cover Tunnel
From 2nd & Cambie to 64th & Cambie.
08/08 to 08/09
Canada Line Bored Tunnel
From 2nd & Cambie to Granville.

As well as the Fabrication And Supply of Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals, Tala Enterprises Ltd. was used as an advisor, consultant and supplier for some highly specialised items such as Fire rated, Insulated Pull Box Covers.

2007 to 2009
Canada Line Project

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Tala Enterprises Ltd. is proud that it was involved in some capacity with the construction of this project from the very start.

Apart from the above, some of the items Tala has fabricated and supplied for locations all along the track are Derailment Angles ( Heavy 8"X8"X1" Angle Iron formed to the curvature of the track), Steel covers for concrete Derailment guards, Aluminum Panels for separation of inbound at outbound tracks at various stations, Kent Street TPS Aluminum Access platform & Stairs, YVR Station Structural Steel Signage Posts, YVR Station Structural Steel Walkway Arch and Many More.

06/09 to 07/09
Canada Line
Sea Island Station and Miller Road, Richmond

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Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Aluminum Panels on the over pass joining Miller road and Air Canada Building to Sea Island Station.

This Overpass Not only crosses an extremely busy highway, it also crosses the Canada Line Tracks. Thus the design criteria for this project were very stringent also the installation was quite demanding as this part of the work was done during normal working hours without road or track closure.

09/08 to Present
Pitt River Bridge Project

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Because of Tala Enterprises Ltd's engagement with the Canada Line, it was not until late 2008 that Tala got involved with this project. By this time the project was towards its completion. However in this short time, Tala has become one of the main suppliers to this project. Some of the major items that have been supplied are Life Line Poles, Aluminum Junction Boxes, Bridge Pylon Covers, Bridge Scuppers and Down Pipes and many more items.

2009 to 2015
Portmann Bridge Project

Tala Enterprises Ltd. has been involved with this project from the start and have already supplied some major items.

Greater Vancouver Regional District Vancouver Land Fill Project

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Tala's involvement with this project is through Tyam Construction who are responsible to reclaim the filled up portion of Vancouver's main Garbage Dump.

Part of this operation is to install High Density 24" Diameter Polyethelyn Pipe under the waste to collect rainwater and Methane Gas. This pipe is then discharged into a drainage Ditch.

Tala enterprises Ltd. was Commissioned to Fabricate Supply and Install 9 Steel bridges to carry these pipes across some ravines to their final destination.


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